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The American Saddlebred Horse Association of Canada has as it's objective, the encouragement, development, promotion and regulation of the breeding of purebred American Saddlebred horses in Canada.

We establish breeding standards, keep records, collect, preserve and publish all documents relating to those breedings and carry out a system of registration under the Canadian Livestock Records Corporation (CLRC)

Incorporated under the Livestock Pedigree Act, ASHA of Canada is a non- profit organization with an elected board of directors and will offer membership to anyone wishing be be a part of the organization. We maintain an efficient supervision of American Saddlebred breeders in Canada to prevent, detect and punish fraud.

View our Constitution on the CLRC web site.

View the List of Fees on the CLRC web site.

ASHA of Canada, along with the provincial clubs make, alter and repeal regulations and set rules for showing American Saddlebred horses in Canada through Equine Canada and appropriate govering bodies.

ASHA of Canada's goal is to give a national unified voice and face to the activities of those breeders who have been producing top quality American Saddlebreds in Canada for over 60 years.

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