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Provincial Charter Clubs

British Columbia

Members of the Provincial Clubs hold events, clinics and horse shows across Canada showcasing American Saddlebreds. They successfully drive for new members and raise funds for local initiatives.

From the former CNE and Royal Horse Shows in Toronto, to the Spruce Meadows - Battle of the Breeds, to the numerous provincial, regional and local horse shows and trade fairs, the Saddlebred is shown and demonstrated to the public with enthusiasm and love for the breed.

Through this website, ASHA of Canada will provide a place for all Canadian charter clubs to exchange their news, coming events, and messages. It will be a common meeting place for their members to discuss issues, ask questions and get answers regarding Saddlebred ownership in Canada. ASHA of Canada encourages all Canadian charter club members and Saddlebred owners to join our national association and help strengthen our registry and keep abreast of any changes or improvements made to the registration process.

Our free-to-members, membership directory is published every February and provides a handy reference guide containing members' telephone numbers, email addresses, websites, a copy of the constitution and many handy resources.

Local Club Websites:

ASHA of Ontario

Photos from the 2012 ASHA of Ontario Mane Event

Thank you to Marie Papple for the photos!

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